Evaluator: The Creative Care Programme, Fullscope Consortium, Cambridge

I have been recently immersed in evaluating a Covid-19 responsive project which directly reached nearly 400 children and young people through high-quality resources. Entitled the Creative Care Programme, the resources invited participants to create work and ideas, using their immediate environment and in many cases, art materials delivered to their door, with the aim was to improve their mental health. My role was to evaluate the role of the newly-formed consortium Fullscope, the effectiveness of the resources – the ‘invitations to create’ – and a proportion of responses from the participants. The ensuing report had a series of findings and recommendations to inform future arts and health projects for children and young people.


I am continuing to work with Fullscope as an evaluator for Creative Care, and have recently completed a visioning exercise with Fullscope's Board members to look at the purpose and future of the Creative Care programme.